Grades of Quality


UM - Fresh on front. Unmounted Mint.
Fine M - Fresh on front. Lightly hinged mint.
Fresh M - Fresh on front. Medium to lightly hinged mint.
Good M - Medium to heavy hinged mint.
Unused - Mint without gum.
cg - Colonial gum (see below)

"Colonial Gum" refers to the gum on certain French Colony values issued between the wars which may be patchy owing to removal of the backing paper which sometimes adhered to the gum. Although we avoid these where possible, certain values are hardly ever attainable with full gum. "Colonial gum" does NOT mean the stamp is toned, it will still be fresh/fine as usual. (We use the abbreviation "cg" to denote colonial gum)

IMPERFORATE STAMPS in our descriptions and stocklists will always have FULL GOOD margins unless stated otherwise in the lot description.

COVERS : We have a rating system for individual covers from 0 to 10 which is nothing to do with scarcity but our own reflection of its appearance. An average cover will rate 5 (R5), a poor item R1, a superb item R10. Any covers more than 6.5 ins (165mm) long or wide will also be suffixed "L". eg (R6L)

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