Sale No. 348     Closing Date : 23rd June 2021
All prices are in British Pounds Sterling     [Price in square brackets is our original price]
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General Issues
Lot no.Description Price 
1/6314 photo icon SG.6 1865 80c bright rose (Fine M) Cat.£100 (Yv.6) £36
1/6315 photo icon SG.7 1871 1c bronze-green (Fine M) EOR Cat.£100 (Yv.7) £36
1/6561 SG.7 1871 1c bronze-green (V.Fine unused) Cat.£100 (Yv.7) £14
1/6046 photo icon SG.10 1871 80c rose-carmine (Fine Used light pmk) EORs Cat.£140 (Yv.10) £49
1/6047 photo icon SG.15 1871 10c bistre (V.Fine Used) EOR Cat.£170 (Yv.11) £56
1/6318 photo icon SG.18 1872 25c blue (Fine M) EOR Cat.£190 (Yv.23) £70
1/6050 photo icon SG.23 1873 80c pale rose (FU MQE dotted pmk of Martinique) EOR Cat.£170 (Yv.21) £56
1/6052 photo icon SG.29 1877 15c grey (Fine Pondichery CDS of French Indian Sett) Cat.£95 (Yv.33) £32
1/6053 photo icon SG.31 1878 25c blue (Fine CDS) Cat.£225 (Yv.35) Super example. £73
1/6054 photo icon SG.32 1878 30c cinnamon (Fine Mayotte cds) Cat.£65 (Yv.26) £23
1/6320 photo icon SG.35a 1878 75c rosine (Fine M) EOR Cat.£90 (Yv.28) £33
1/6321 photo icon SG.42 1879 20c red/green (Fresh M) EOR Cat.£85 (Yv.42) £32
1/6322 photo icon SG.51 1881 20c red/green (Fresh M) Cat.£70 (Yv.52) £27
1/6323 photo icon SG.55 1881 35c black/orange (V.Fine M) Cat.£55 (Yv.56) £21
1/6324 SG.56 1881 40c red/yellow (Fine M) Cat.£50 (Yv.57) £18
1/5532 photo icon SG.57 1881 75c rose-carmine/rose (Fresh M) Cat.£110 (Yv.58) £23
1/6057 photo icon SG.58 1881 1fr olive-green (Fine M) Cat.£90 (Yv.59) £30
1/6580 SG.87 1943 1f50 + 98f50 Resistance (Fine M) with cross of Lorraine tab Cat.£48 (Yv.65) £20
1/6748 SG.D70 1884 1fr brown Postage Due (Saigon CDS) EOR Cat.£44 (Yv.T15) £20
1/5946 The 1938 Curie Anti-cancer fund issues for France and Monaco (65c+25c green) (Fine M) Will accompany the colonials set very well. Cat.£29 (2) £8
* * *
British Gold Sovereigns
In association with a leading collector of British Gold Sovereign coins from Queen
Victoria to the present date, we can supply most dates and mintages (London,
Melbourne, Pretoria etc) for the whole period. All coins are 22ct gold weighing
7.98gr and guaranteed genuine by ourselves. Telephone or email for a price list.
NOTE: No gold sovereigns are kept on the premises of Phil-Index.
* * *
French Colony Collections
For collectors who wish to start a new French or Belgian Colony from scratch, we can provide a discounted starter collection for the colony of your choice. This will only apply to colonies where we have sufficient stocks in hand, (which is most of them). Note: the choice of stamps is ours and will include stamps with retail prices (our stock-list prices) between 45p and £5. The collection will come with an invoice listing all its SG numbers; (let us know if you prefer Yvert or Scott catalogue numbers).
Pack A: Collection priced at between £100 & £120. Discount 10% off our list prices,
Pack B: Collection priced at between £200 & £240. Discount 12½% off our list prices.
Pack C: Collection priced at between £400 & £450. Discount 15% off our list prices.
Please state whether the Pack should be Mint only, Used only, or mixed Mint or Used.
(To check whether a Colony is suitable for any of the above packs, please contact us first by email or telephone).
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