Buy or Bid Sale - Rules

The lots in our Buy or Bid Sale pages consist of stamps from our stocklists priced at £18 or more, described in detail; plus varieties, errors, specimens etc, covers, post-cards, postal history, small collections/accumulations, space-fillers, etc.

You can either :

BUY any available items at the current buy price shown and these will be sent immediately.

-- OR --

BID for any items if you wish to take a chance on paying a lower price. (Strict minimum 80% of current buy price). Bids below 80% are strictly ignored.

You are welcome to telephone or e-mail us in order to check the availability of, or secure any items.

NOTE: If any item in this buy/bid section remains unsold, it is repeated with the same lot number, in the next and subsequent sales. The price of any repeated lot receives a reduction of up to 10 percent each time, until it goes. For your information, the original price at which we initially offered the lot, is shown in square brackets after the current buy price.

Please remember to quote the lot number (e.g. 20/8400) when buying or placing bids.

At midday on the closing date, items which have not sold at their marked price, will be sold to the highest bidder at their bid price.

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