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Stocks listed are as at the date shown on each Colony's list page. These lists will be updated on our next monthly listing so it is possible an item may have sold out in the interim.

MINT prices are for fine lightly-hinged mint. Much of our stocks are UM or NH (especially for later issues) and these would be sent at no extra charge. Where earlier stamps are requested UM only, there is a premium - details on request.

USED stamps are invariably fine circular date stamp postmarks unless early items issued before cds period.

IMPERFORATE stamps always have good, full margins.

Our prices are normally 45% of S.Gibbons list price with a minimum of 45 pence.

Note: Catalogue numbers omitted or items shown without price are presently out of stock.

Stamps priced at £18 or more are often listed in the Buy/Bid Sale and may be cheaper there.

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stamp collage
General Issues Annam & Tongking
French Africa Cambodia
Afars and Issas Canton
Alexandria (French P.O.'s) China (French P.O.'s)
Algeria China (Indo-Chinese P.O.'s)
Anjouan Chungking
Benin Cochin China
Cameroun (French) French Indian Settlements
Chad Hoihow
Comoro Islands Indo-China
Dahomey Kwangchow
Diego-Suarez Laos
Ethiopia (French P.O.'s) Mengtsz
Fezzan Pakhoi
French Congo Yunnanfu
French Equatorial Africa French Europe
French Guinea French Andorra
French Morocco Baden
French Sudan Germany (French Zone)
French West Africa Hungary (Arad)
Gabon Memel
Ghadames Rhineland-Palatinate (Fr. Occ.)
Great Comoro Saar (French Occ.)
Ivory Coast Wurttemberg
Madag. French P.O.'s French Middle East
Madagascar Alaouites
Majunga Alexandretta
Mauritania Castellorizo
Mayotte Cavalla
Middle Congo Cilicia
Moheli French P.O.'s in Crete
Morocco (Sherifian Post) Dedeagh
Niger Free French Forces Levant
Nossi Be Jerusalem
Obock Latakia
Port Said (French P.O.'s) Lebanon
Reunion Levant (French P.O.'s)
St.Marie de Madagascar Port Lagos
Senegal Rouad Island
Senegambia & Niger Syria
Somali Coast Vathy
Tangier (French P.O.'s) French Pacifics (+ TAAF)
Togo French Oceanic Settlements
Tunisia French Polynesia
Ubangi-Shari Fr.Sthn & Antarctic Territories
Upper Senegal & Niger New Caledonia
Upper Volta New Hebrides
Zanzibar (French P.O.'s) Tahiti
French Americas Wallis & Futuna Islands
Guadeloupe Belgian Congo
Inini Ruanda-Urundi
* * *
St.-Pierre et Miquelon
* * *