Ordering from the Stocklists

The stocklists show all stamps held in stock as at the date shown on each listing, with selling prices.

The stocklists are headed M or FU :

MINT stamps are normally fine lightly-hinged mint. Much of our stocks are UM or NH (especially for later issues) and these would be sent at no extra charge. Where earlier stamps are requested UM only, there is a premium - details on request.

USED stamps are invariably fine circular date stamp postmarks.

IMPERFORATE stamps always have good, full margins.

Our prices are normally 45% of S.Gibbons list price with a minimum of 45 pence.

Note: Catalogue numbers omitted or items shown without price are presently out of stock.

Stamps in the stocklists priced at £10 or more may be purchased outright as above, at their marked price, or if you wish to take a chance, you may place a BID on these (strict minimum 80%). Any bid items which have not sold by midday on the closing date will go to the highest bidder at the bid price. Note: Items below £10 are only available at the full listed price.

Order any quantity from these lists stating Country, SG/Yvert/Scott number, mint or used, price. Using our order forms is the easiest method.

Orders can be e-mailed or posted to us. Here is a printable Order Form.

Orders are almost always despatched the same day as received.

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